Exciting Stuff! Oh, and Date Night! And Auctions!

We have had so much fun these past few weeks, it is just amazing.

And I want to thank all of the wonderful people who are going on kinky adventures with us.  We have found such wonderful kinky people, a few slaves thrown in to boot.  And of course, let’s not forget our sweet panty and leg lovers!

So, we are celebrating!  We are going out Friday night for an awesome Date Night!  I am so proud of my Betsy, back in school and so motivated.   It is time to cut loose and have some fun.

And we are auctioning off Betsy’s favorite fishnets and my leopard panties.  Here are the links to those auctions:


Betsy’s Fishnet Auction


Elle’s Panty Auction

The auctions end Friday, before we go out!

Also, for those who are feeling mighty kinky, check this out:

Two Kinky Girls  In Love USED Toilet Paper

tpawesome tpbetsy4

I mean how awesome is that?  This is TOO much fun.

Email us with any kinky inquiry!  We are expanding our sessions page this week, so if you are in Illinois and looking for a real time session just let us know.

And of course, all you super wonderful kinksters – email us if you need anything at all.






Ellie and I are going to a super fun show tonight!  It’s only local bands, and our friends at that, but it’s still nice to get out of the house!  We’ve been cooped up and working very hard lately. I started school and Elle is buried under work so we’re gonna blow off some steam and dance around.  It’ll be fun, hopefully we’ll be getting some pictures up soon.

What else is new and interesting in the lives of Elle and Betsy?  well, the panty sales are going great, we’ve aquired some new and wonderful slaves that we absolutely adore, and we’ve been shipping all over the globe!  It’s great being a kinky girl in love!



It’s been a wonderful week in Panty Land!

And FUN as always!  

We have been inundated with panty requests and have been very “busy” filling out the orders with the utmost care…but we’ve been so busy cumming over and over again that we’ve forgot to update the blog!  

We’ve been doing a lot of custom photo sets and videos, they’re REALLY fun!  I think custom work is my favorite, but I’m at that time of the month where I can’t do anything! 

That’s right, Baby Betsy has her period.  Sigh.  But there’s a silver lining!  I know you HATE seeing me suffer, so why not buy me a little present?  Send something my way to make me feel a little better…



How can you say no?


Here’s some auctions we have going on:



That’s all for now, I’m going to curl up with Elle and snuggle.


Wine and Saunas: the Ultimate Mini-Vacation!

Hi boys-Little Miss Betsy here, giving you a mini update on our mini vacation!

My folks asked me to house sit while they’re out of town and we have been taking FULL advantage of the built in sauna! Needless to say that’s not the only thing getting steamy…the best part of vacations is usually the sex and that is definitely the case.  We went into the sauna last night with the intent of taking a few pictures but otherwise relaxing, but as soon as I saw Elle drop her town that was covering her naked body I lost complete control of myself, but wouldn’t you?

So we are going to try again tonight and hopefully we’ll get some REAL work done. Oh, it’s great to be a Kinky Girl in Love!


Good Morning! And what a lovely morning it is!

Your girl Betsy here-And in about 20 minutes I will be heading down to the post office to pop another order in the mail for a very lucky man! We are having so much fun being what we call “business bitches” and love that we get to make people devilishly happy with our gooey, juicy panties. I love my job and I love our customers!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


We wish you a Happy New Year!  And last night we were talking about how wonderful it is that we are starting our used panty and other personal item adventure!

We have been welcomed so warmly into the community, and for that we say thank you so much.  We have met so many great, kinky people.  And are looking to meet many more in 2013.

Questions, want to say hi, or have a special request?  See our Contact Page for more info.